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  • Filter Type III Bestway BA0067
  • Filter Type III Bestway BA0067
  • Filter Type III Bestway BA0067
Pristatymas 3-5 d.d
Šią prekę pristatysime arba paruošime atsiėmimui per 3-5 darbo dienas

Prekės kodas: 58012

Gamintojas: Bestway

Turimas kiekis: 415 vnt.


Replacement filter cartridges are required for optimum operation of pumps FLOWCLEAR filter cartridges regularly exchanging FLOWCLEAR will extend the life of the pump, maximum use of its capabilities.
With little dirty filter can be cleaned with water from a garden hose. The more dirty manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every
about two weeks of use (enough to season 4-6 filters).
Filter to filter pump type III Bestway is for models with a capacity of 5678 liters / hour.

Height 20.3 cm
Diameter 10.6 cm

The installation should be performed by an adult. After removing the pump from the power supply, remove the lid and remove the seal and cover the filter. After removing the cartridge, you can proceed to the treatment with water under high pressure (eg, from a garden hose). When the filter is still heavily soiled, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Žiniatinklio serveris ok. 20cm x10cm x10cm
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